• Neutral, Basic & Acidic Ramming masses for Induction Furnaces
  • Fireclay and high alumina bricks upto 95% Al2O3
  • Magnesia Monolithics and High Magnesia bricks
  • Lightweight and high temperature insulation bricks, HFK
  • Conventional high alumina castables¬†¬† (WHYTE HEAT A & K, FIRE CREAT SUPPER)
  • Insulating Castables
  • Low Cement Castables (LCC)
  • Ultra Low Cement Castables
  • Special Refractories like Mullite, Silicon Carbide, and alusite etc
  • Precast Pr-fired shapes and blocks (PCPF)
  • High Alumina Binders (Cements)
  • Mortars for brick laying
  • Gunning Material
  • Boiler Bed Material

With a diverse selection of refractories, we have what you need to get the job done. Contact our team to learn more.