Mica Slip Plane ®

Our ECO FRIENDLY product range is widely used in the core less induction furnace :

Mica due to its low thermal conductivity, low air permeability which results benefits in terms of Reduced power consumption, protection of an induction coil, enhancement of re-lining life, easy removable of the rammed lining.

We offer different grades of mica slip plane depending upon the capacity of the furnace, our thickness range varies from 0.4 mm to  3.8 mm.


Induction Furnace Spares

Rigid mica spacers between Induction coils are generally used in between the coil to coil turns, due to its mica content if protects the coil from sparking & leakage current

Rigid mica sheets are used as a top & bottom plate insulation in Induction furnaces

Rigid mica  are also used in form of tubes, rode, washers in variours application of Induction furnace.

High temperature silicon sleeves / pyrojacket for hose pipe insulations


We offers Epoxy based glass fibre inslulations in the form of tubes, blocks, washers, rod and customised parts. Epoxy based insulation for stud which is used in between the yoke & the coil.

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